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About Our Newsletters:

Each newsletter contains 4 pages

Issued quarterly (months of March, June, September, December)

The premium package includes PDF format (high resolution, print-ready), firm & association logos, contemporary design & branding colour. 

Covering the latest investment & super news and strategies, Wealth & Super Matters addresses all investment topics as well as both public and self-managed superannuation funds, making it relevant for a broad range of clients such as business, individuals and retirees.

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This is a monthly subscription. You will first pay your setup fee + first monthly payment of $308.00, then monthly payments of $109.00 for the premium package of our Wealth & Super Matters Newsletter.

This amount will be direct debited from your account one month after your purchase date.  

You can cancel any time, just email us at  info@PracticeAdvantage.com.au

Wealth & Super Matters - Premium Package (Monthly) 

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